Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oakridge, OR...Loggers, More Hippes, Beer and Mountain Bikers.

Oakridge, OR is a logging town in central Oregon turned mountain bike mecca. The mill closed down and they decided to embrace mountain bikers rather than slowly decay.  The closed business downtown have started being filled with things we bikers shop....check......brewery...check......shuttle and guide music and pizza....check.....

....chicks on downhill bikes in bikini's...... double check!!!

We spent a long week here and biked our brains out.  We found a great camping spot along the river just north of town.  We had a nice trail that lead from camp along the river right to the brewery.  There is a mind blowing 400+ miles of singletrack that can be ridden right from town.....yes insane.

Ride in the morning, play in the river in the afternoon, then bike into town for a beer and some live music after dinner.  These are the lazy days of summer my friends.  The days we dream of when a long Montana winter sets in.  These were the times that I'll forever remember.....the times spent here were priceless.

We had the pleasure of riding a nice section of the North Umpqua Trail (better than the famous Mackenzie but that's for later) the day before before we arrived in Oakridge.  We also stopped at Oregon's only National Park (Crater Lake) which was something that I wasn't expecting.  The lake on that blue bird day was insane....I have never seen water like that in my life.  The color is incredible....I spent a half hour just staring at it in disbelief.

Next up is Bend, OR bitches!!!

*Post written from a killer brewery in White Salmon, WA....just across from Hood River, OR....Everybody's Brewing (That's their name).  Get a Big Brother Imperial IPA if you dare!

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