Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hood River, OR

 Some places just have it all........amazing biking of all types, killer kayaking, deep pow in the winter, epic wind and kite surfing, and most importantly......very good beer (among a million other things)..... I hate you Hood River!  Plus if you want to bail to a "bigish" city Portland is right there and the coast is within weekend striking distance.  Not a bad place we thought.  Not sure how gloomy it gets in the winter as it was gorgeous the week we were there.

We had been enjoying our time on the coast but we began craving some time on the bike so we went a bit crazy here.  I'm not going to go into detail on the rides in Hood but if you get a chance pick up a copy of Kissing The Trail. This guidebook has everything you need to know for this area and many other areas in Oregon. Be certain to hit the high country classics like Surveyor's Ridge, but make sure to hit up the Post Canyon area.  I'm not going to ruin it for you, but this place is out of control fun.  There is a great trail map at many of the trailheads......go nuts and explore.....trust me....perfect for a early evening ride after a morning in the high country.

The town is very cool and worth a stroll.  Be sure to hit up Discover Bicycles downtown.  This is one of the nicest bike shops I have ever been into and the staff is wonderful.  Full Sail beer is brewed here, but don't wast your time.  Head directly to Double Mountain Brewery just a block or two away for all your post ride needs.  The Hop Lava is easily one of my top five beers I have ever had.  I still dream of that brew.  Also be sure to drive over the bridge to White Salmon, WA.  The bridge is very cool (look down) and the Everybody's Brewery is right downtown......very good as well.  I heard the brew master there was a head brewer for Full Sail.

We had a blast watching all the kite boarding going on here in the afternoons.  People from all over the world come riding here.  We met a ton of them at the brewery......lots of pro's that do nothing but travel around and kite board......needless to say lost of fun people around here.

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