Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bend, OR

We spent a few days exploring Bend, OR during the week of Claire's birthday.  Bend is a rapidly growing city of over 82k city and a metro population of 200k in central Oregon. It is located where the high desert meets the hills. The gem of the city though is its downtown area.  The river flows through here with numerous parks laid out along it.  The neighborhoods here are spectacular with a perfect blend of residential and commercial that makes this area very livable. There was no shortage of farmers markets, concerts, art walks, etc. while we were there.

We spent much of our time here just walking around the city.  There are numerous breweries here and we had fun sampling many fine IPA's.  I've been a fan of Deschutes Breweries Mirror Pond for some time now and it was fun sampling all their small batch stuff at the brewery.  I would suggest 10 Barrel also for a great brewery.....maybe even better?

If your in the area stop by Chow for breakfast. This is simply one of the best breakfast's I have ever had in my life and they are 100% committed to using all extremely local and organic food. Really one of the best places to eat....simply fantastic!!!  The sous chef is a new friend of ours and was kind enough to make Claire a spectacular birthday dinner at their home along the banks of the river right in town.....thanks again.

Bend was very hot during our stay so we didn't ride too much on the trails around town.  We did get out to west Bend and rode around Phil's a couple days though.  The network of trails out there were fantastic.  Lots of flow and you could tell it was built by bikers.  Bend actually reminded me a bit of Helena, MT in terms of their trails....mellow and flowy.

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