Wednesday, July 21, 2010

San Francisco (not to be comfused with Frisco)

We left the Downieville Classic and headed back to Tahoe for some riding with a terrible view.  We actually played around Tahoe for a while and then headed back to Downieville area for some more riding and to ride the popular trails without the proved to be fun.  Lots of other trails in Downieville than the classics.

We then decided to head into civilization and so that we could find myself a new phone that was launching that week and get in some culture.  It was a fun trip in the city and great to forget about biking for a few days.

We drove over to San Francisco to see the city by the sea and visit old friends.  Claire went to school a couple hours from SF and we have always had a soft spot for the city.  To me its the most beautiful large city in the US and it proved itself this time.  The food was amazing as was the people.

We made some new friends along the way.  Thanks again to know who you are!!!!

We played, laughed, drank and ate in this great city.  It was incredibly fun and a nice break from biking and camping.  Thanks again for everything Ali.

 Next up is Northern California and Oregon for a few weeks....

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Come Back again soon!!!