Monday, July 26, 2010

McKenzie River Trail (MRT)

We left Oakridge, OR and headed north to the famous McKenzie River Trail.  This ride has been rated the best ride in the country by the likes of Bike Magazine and others so it was a no brainer when we found ourselves this close to it.  Its a 26 mile point to point (AKA shuttle) that runs along the beautiful McKenzie river. This trail did not disappoint at all.  The water falls, old growth forests, log bridges and beautiful blue pools were simply spectacular.

The shuttle was a bit pricey, but was well worth it.  I also wouldn't call it the best trail in America, but it is definitely up there.  The trail can be ridden by just about anyone that can mountain bike.  The more experienced rider will love the flow of the trail, not boring at all.  This should definitely be ridden when close to Bend, OR or Eugene, OR as it sits about in the middle of both.

There are a couple very nice state campgrounds close to the trail.  One is right at the end of the trail which is nice if you want to roll into camp and crack a beer right at the end.  Bring your own food also as there really is nothing in town other than a gas station.  The trail maps are free also so no worries about that.

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