Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Downieville Classic 2010 (aka The All Mountain World Championship)

We blew through Utah and Nevada enroute to the Sierra Mountains.  While we were in Tahoe we found out that the Downieville Classic was going on.  One of my friends rode here and loved it so I figured we would check out the town anyway.

We rolled into Downieville Saturday and found a cool little town along a river.  We have spent lots of time in the area as Claire went to school in Chico, but had never stopped in this specific town.  Its very small is all we will say and the town was FULL.  We found a parking spot in front of the police/rescue/fire/whatever station and they let us stay there so we popped the top and grabbed a beer and headed to the river to watch the river jump.

This is Greg Minnaar from South Africa flipping the famous "Shit Bike" from Bike Magazine.  He's one of the top DH racers in the world.  Lots of pros gave it a shot and it was amazing to swim in the river while watching the event.  Kirt Voreis was in town and I have a video of his jump I'll post later.

The downtown area had been blocked off and was full of tents and vendors.  We had a blast that evening.  Camelbak made us a free dinner of tacos and we danced all night to the live music downtown.

We even woke up early Sunday and had Chris King make us breakfast.  It was fun mingling with the pros and company insiders.  Claire got to meet the owner and his wife of her bike, Turner Bikes.  We made plans to meet in Canada for the Crankworx's Festival.  Super nice people and they both raced. 

Sunday was the final DH race.  Here's the deal......Saturday you race a cross country race and then Sunday you race a downhill race.....all have to be done on the same bike and then you are crowned the "All Mountain" King......congrats to Mark Weir on his DH victory....super nice guy and a killer rider!!!!

More Tahoe riding to come....