Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crested Butte, CO and the World Famous 401 Trail

Crested Butte, CO 401 Trail from Josh on Vimeo.

A quick video I made of our first ride in Crested Butte, CO in late June.  There are better trails even in CB, but this is still a great ride and nuts when the flowers are blooming. It is also one of the most famous rides anywhere.

We rode it from the trailhead just past the town of Gothic, up the road to the pass, then took it back down to the trailhead just past the town of Gothic......we wanted to get this ride out of the way so we didn't need to hear about how good it was from everyone.

Lots more on the 'butte coming up. We spent over a week here, it was one of my favorite places so far.  We met a new friend in Moab, UT in May that lives and rides in town (and is a good bartender)......lots of fun is all I will say so far....stay tuned.

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