Sunday, June 27, 2010

Telluride, CO and the simple life...

Sometimes life just finds a rhythm that just feels perfect.  We rolled into Telluride, CO  on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon in late June.  After spending six weeks in the desert it was great to find lush green mountain sides, swollen mountain streams, and cooler weather.


The town of Telluride seems to have been made out of our dreams. We found great camping right in town at the city campground along a beautiful mountain stream.  Telluride is a gorgeous Victorian influenced town of around 2000 full time residence year round.  Its an old mining town that is just under 9000' in elevation.  The town is surrounded on three sides by steep mountain with lots of waterfalls rushing around, including the tallest waterfall in Colorado I believe. The town has a great vibe to it.  One thing I thought was funny is that I kept inhailing this smell that I couldn't quite get my finger on.  Then I was reading a local paper and I figured it out.....the town has more "pot" bars than either real alcohol bars or coffee shops.....crazy huh?  The locals seem to like it better than booze.

We have been here just a week, but have found no use for our vehicle.  We have amazing biking right from our camp.  We can ride singletrack to over 12,000' or jump on the gondola system (the only public transportation system of gondolas in the US) and ride the mountain bike park for some downhill bike action or easier access to the alpine singletrack. Kona has become an old pro at the gondola system.  She has ridden them before in Idaho, but its been a couple years and I was surprised how much she loved it.


The biking around here is steep and sometimes brutal, but offers some rewarding views.


We also use the gondola system for getting groceries and to access our new favorite post bike sport.....disk golf.  Its free and found in lots of towns or we just make our own course with trees around camp.

Our timing seems to have been great.  Since we have been here we have had free concerts in the park every night.  Also the Telluride Wine Festival going on all week all over town and the mountain village.  We love spending the evening listening to great music while enjoying our own beers.

Its going to be tough to leave this place.  Next up is Crested Butte, CO for the 4th of July week.  We have some great stops along the way though...

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Unknown said...

Can't even express how jealous I am of you guys! You are defineatly taking full advantage of all nature has to offer and pushing your bodies to the limits! So proud of you guys!!!