Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe.....this place has some amazing biking around it.  We spent four days here biking and didn't even scratch the surface.  We found amazing camping up at 10,400' near the ski area. We had it all to ourselves at night!!  We had a roaring stream right through camp that put us to sleep every there is killer biking right from camp....paradise I tell ya!

It can be 90F+ in town and in a short 20 min drive you can be in the cool mountains that are 68F.  The town has a picturesque downtown full of restaurants and a great tasting room for beer.  I loved the Marble Brewing IPA.....the 8% ABV helps ease the pain out of the legs!!!!

Some random downtown shots.....

We did some monster rides around here and I had a hard time stopping to take pictures (seriously).  So far this is my favorite place for riding in New Mexico.  Grab yourself this map (you want NM04) and go ride.  Lots of bike shops to get advise from.  Hit me up if you would like any GPS files as I did GPS most of our rides here.....I want to remember them when I come back.

The ecamper seemed more popular here also.  We get our fair share of interest in this, but lots of people stopping to check out the "submarine".   I'll always remember reading in bed after a great meal, beers, and a fire here...curling up in bed falling asleep tired and happy to the creek.  I've found that the simple pleasures in life are the best.  Waking up with a permanent smile everyday is hard to is grand.

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