Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Escaping Zion.....

After spending 2+ weeks in Utah we decided to head someplace that has a bit better beer.  It has been a killer couple weeks riding Utah, but we need to find some better beer......seriously......better beer soon.....

We drove the Burr Trail south of Boulder, was nothing short of amazing.  It you ever get a chance....DO IT!  One of the coolest drives anywhere.

We took a ferry across Lake Powell.  Kona and the ecamper were definitely stars on that ship.  We met some "hardcore" Harley bikers from Kansas that proved to be super nice when you met them...they were all farmers!!!  I wish I had pictures of their bikes....they should have been in a museum.....waaay nice.  Farming must be going good. we come.

*yes I know we are already in Durango.  We can't get Verizon internet till the phone we want comes out.(OC you know the "incredible" phone I'm talking about!!!)  So pretend this was posted earlier this week.

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