Monday, June 14, 2010

Albuquerque, NM

We were getting dog tired.....the legs were sore and the body ached from a month on the road biking.....perfect time to let the body recharge.  We stopped in Albuquerque, NM for some pampering at Claire's family's house and pampering we received (Thanks so much Patrick and Tina for your generosity, you guys are the best!).


 I rode the bike one day, but we mostly relaxed by the pool and ate fabulous food.  The weather was great and the house was amazing.....overlooking the city in the hills right next the the ski tram.

Breakfast and dinner outside on the back deck was definitely a treasure I will always remember.  Thanks again for opening your home up you guys.  It was definitely beautiful....

Roof top golf anyone?

We left Albuquerque on Monday the 14th heading towards Gallup, NM.  I read a Bike Magazine article on this place a couple years ago and have always wanted to ride there (even brought the magazine along).  The city choose a mountain biker in 2003 to be mayor.  They initiated a plan for lots of outdoor recreation by 2010.  They spent over a million dollars building trails....they wanted a economy of recreation not just selling Indian jewelry.

Did they succeed?  Stay tuned for more....

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