Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vernal, UT


We decided to leave Moab and head to Vernal, UT.  I had the opportunity to visit this place last year at the same time and fell in love with it.  While the town isn't that cool, it does have amazing biking and some of the nicest people around.  The camping is great and Troy the owner of the Altitude Bikes, and builder of most of the trails here, has done a great job building an up and coming bike mecca.
We had the opportunity to ride  Jass-Chrome Molly yesterday afternoon.  I didn't have the chance to ride this last year, but this is one of the best trails anywhere.....I'm serious.  It starts out with a killer decent (I'll post the helmet cam video later) and also has some fun pump track style sections.  There is a mix of climbing and decending into a cool ridge towards the end of the ride that is amazing.  If you ride this remember to keep lefts in all.  I don't think I've grinned this much in my life.  Great camping right at the trailhead and there is a lake close by for afternoon swimming.

We woke up today and shot into town to grab a free breakfast thanks to the local fire department.  Great breakfast and nice community spirit.  We had an amazing night that was very warm and one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen in a while.  We enjoyed a great cocktail and stretched our legs.

Surprisingly after last night the weather turned windy today so we're not sure if the riding everyday streak will continue (everyday since we left).  The legs are definitely saying take a day off though.  They are coming back to me after a long winter of no biking.  I definitely want to be in animal shape when the high country dries out.

Maybe a stroll in Dinosaur National Monument or a soak in a hotsprings is in order....we have all summer right?

Cheers to chillin' today!!!

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Greg Heil said...

Awesome photos dude!

I once drove through Vernal on a week long MTB road trip before I had heard of the amazing set of trails there. After I read about what the riding is like there, I've been kicking myself ever since! Need to get back there!