Sunday, April 25, 2010

Follow Me

I had the opportunity to see the world premiere of Follow Me, by Anthill Films.  Amazing...check out the trailer.


Just got my Honda Element back from San Diego.  It was there for a week to get converted into a pop-top camper.  This is going to be our "house" for 4 months starting May 10th.

I have lots more to come.  I built a sweet internal storage system and I have an ARB Fridge/Freezer going in it. I'll post up more later.

Teaser shots for now.

2010 Sea Otter Classic

I had the opportunity to take a few days off from school and head down to Monterey, CA with Airborne Bicycles as a member of their Flight Crew. My job was to ride bikes and tell them what I sugar coated B.S.  I can respect a company like that.  These guys are all about getting people on bikes and out riding trails.  They have some great bikes that won't break the bank. Plus they sponsor IMBA.

Here's a couple of my favorites....

 2010 Zeppelin

The 2010 Airborne Zeppelin Elite.  This is a great bike at an amazing price.  Being a bit of a bike snob I was amazed at how well this bike performed given its sub $1000 price.  Its got a fun geometry along with a solid parts spec.  Its a great all around 5" travel bike that would be at home anywhere.

2010 Taka

Airborne gave me the opportunity to keep any bike they make.  I don't have a downhill bike so this was an easy choice.  The 2010 Airborne Taka is a smokin' deal for a downhill rig.  Its got 200mm (8") both front and rear with a Marzocchi fork and shock. The drive train is a mix of SRAM and FSA.  It has Avid Juicy's with 8" rotors upfront and in back as well. I haven't had a chance to ride it on anything too fun yet.  I'm still waiting on my bike to get back home...can't wait.

I had a chance to see some really cool products at Sea Otter and meet some "famous" people in the bike world.  Its was great.

 Steve Peat riding a tandem.

 Gary Fisher and myself

 Sram 2X10 Launch Party for XO and X9...Flight Crew style.

I got a chance to check out the Kali booth.  They have some amazingly light helmet.  The Amara Cam XC one has a built in helmet cam mount.  Nice!!!

The new Airborne sport drink.....

Sorry for the long good bye.

It was a great winter, but I'm glad to see it end. I did have 4.5 days a week to board....not bad.

Were leaving for a four month mountain bike trip in less than two weeks.

Can't wait...lots more to for now.