Thursday, October 29, 2009

Biking Zimmerman Trail Billings, MT (Part Deux)

Lewis and Clark Caverns has been packed lately, so we decided to blow town and head on over to Billings. This turned out to be a fantastic idea. We haven't been here since Spring.

We rode Zimmerman Trail Saturday for quite a few hours in between short rain storms. I love this trail....simple as that. I can bike here for hours and never get tired. It has so much fun terrain and you can jump back and forth between single track, chunky rock, and slickrock anytime you want. The place has trails everywhere and you can just rip it as there is almost no climbing. This is one of the most fun trails in Montana period.

We found a cheap hotel within walking distance of downtown last time we were here and stayed again. Its close to the trailhead and allows bikes and dogs in the room. They're also clean, super friendly, and have a great biking breakfast included.

While some say the night life in Billings leaves allot to be desired....I beg to differ. They have a ton of microbreweries all within a few blocks of each other. Carters, Angry Hanks, Yellowstone Valley Brewing, and one or two more. All were full of cool, down to earth people and some even had live music......yea nice.

We really wanted to try out the riding at Weatherman's Draw this time, but I'll be damned if Zimmerman is just too much fun. We did it again Sunday and enjoyed amazing weather.

The road home.....