Monday, September 28, 2009

Mountain Biking Lionshead (Sheep Creek Trail 218)

Last Saturday we headed off to do a nice fall ride up trail 218 in Lionshead just SW of Hebgen Lake. It was a beautiful fall day and the ride turned out to be one of the best I've done in a while.

Its a nice climb...not too bad. Mostly middle ring with some granny spots here and there. The view of Sheep Lake is great and the decent is perfect. It reminds me a bit of Emerald Lake minus any people.

We only ran into a small group of horse riders and a old guy hiking alone (remember this is a beautiful Saturday).

We had a great short conversation with both users and found them to be great company. Its a shame that my favorite form of recreation is getting "kicked" out of this area soon due to wilderness designation.

Cheers to Sheep Creek.....ride it while you can!!!!
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Shafthouse Trail 540

We've been riding trail 540 (shafthouse) a bit more this season.

Its a great trail with gorgeous views, fun gnarly rocky sections, and some smooth single track for good measure. You can either shuttle it from just before Fairy Lake making it a mile climb with a 4+ mile decent or do what we usually do and ride it as an in and out from the Ranch which happens to be right at the trailhead.

Its pretty nice to be able to crack a beer, fire-up the BBQ and get a bonfire going at the end of a all that driving to the trailhead goes out the door. The Bangtail Divide is just a couple miles away too.

Sorta like heaven really......

Post ride Mexican Train anyone?