Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jackson Hole Mountain Biking (4th of July)

Man I've been slacking.....but its been an amazing summer so far. Been riding a ton around Bozeman during the week and road tripping on the weekends. Not too shabby when you can get on the local trails at 2:00 and be done before the hoards show.

Anyway, spent last weekend in Jackson biking and camping. I did an internship here last year and spent 12 weeks riding almost everyday. It was a blast to run into old friends and get to hit up my favorite food spots.....we hit them all and here they are........D.O.G. for a breakfast burrito before riding, Billy's for THE BEST post ride burger and beer. We also ate at Nikai for sushi which is the best sushi in town and I got to give it up to Teton Thai.....its B.O.B. and they had a DJ spinning outside Friday night...they throw down the best Thai around. We also did Sunday breakfast at Shades. They have great outdoor seating, good coffee and killer eggs benny. I also love a beer and some fish tacos from Pica's at the Wilson bar, but it didn't happen this trip. They are in town too, but the feel of the pass location is tough to beat (bottom of pass).

We rode the old classic of Town-Hagen-Game- West Game- Wilson-Snow King (good view bring quarters for the glasses and a cold pop)-back down to Ferrins-back to town. This was a post work classic for me. We also did Black Canyon on the pass and an in and out on the new stuff the 1,000+ Boy Scouts built last year. Got a great camping spot close to town with a pretty amazing view and no one around on 4th of July weekend. Claire also got to try out her new 08 Turner Spot I built for her. 2010 Fox Float RLC 15QR, Thompson post and stem, the 2010 Sram XO drivetrain in pink, blah, blah, blah.....its nuts and stiff as hell.

Ain't life grand!!???!!

Kona lovin' the 4th parade. We also watched the fireworks this year @ the brewery again. She loved the fireworks and didn't get scared in the least. She was mesmerized like us!!!!

Claire coming down Game Creek. We got hailed on later that Saturday.


Claire's new bike....."Tina" Turner.

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