Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mountain Biking Helena Solo

Spent the last few days in Helena, MT biking with just Kailua Kona and myself. Great times! Camping on the lake, riding perfectly packed singletrack, and eating like a king at the York Bar and drinking at the Blackfoot Brewery. I did forget my camera's battery so all I had was my cell phone...sorry about the crappy pictures, but it was great weather.

Had to come back today for a job interview (I got it). Now I have two weeks before I start. I'm feeling desertish......but where? Moab and Fruita have been popular with me, but I need someplace new. I'm thinking of heading to St. George, UT area......its been about four years since I biked there. Maybe some Vernal, UT or Thunder Mountain on the way. Who knows.....stay tuned.

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