Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So we did a very cool drive up Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff. Half hour drive but a whole 'nother world.
We pulled into town and found a bike shop to get a map, some beta, and some more tubes. Really beautiful downtown. Fall was definitely in the air as it was quite a bit colder. I think the high was 60 for the day...brrrrrr.......

We ended up meeting a local in the parking lot and he gave us his favorite ride. It was fun riding through the fall colored aspens. The riding was very similar to Helena, MT I thought.

Anyway, we found a good brewpub that had a great menu. We had a beer sampler along with some sausage and sauerkraut with some boiled potatoes. Heaven I tell ya!

Back to the warmth of Sedona for us. Too cold in them hills. I'll post up today's ride later. Very nice ride I must say.

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