Thursday, September 18, 2008

Helena Biking

Another great weekend in Helena complete with the coolest downtown in Montana.

Plus they have friendly wildlife...

Helena also has some of the best biking just off of downtown. Its hard to beat a life where you can park at a brewery or two and ride miles of perfect "Sun Valley"ish single track. You can find us there most weekends in the spring and fall.

(Who says Montana has weird weather. The above pictures was taken about an hour before the sky opened up and turned perfectly bluebird as shown in all the other pics)

Helena also is next to a really fun lake. Who is inhabited by semi redneck people who I tend to enjoy more than fake Bozeman status chasers. They remind me of what Bozeman used to be more like. I'd say cross Bozeman with Great Falls and you get Helena.

But enough bitching, this us about a great weekend.

Lake side Sunday breakfast. One of the most memorable and it only cost five dolla!

This ones for you Daphne. She sat here for an hour just watching. Sometimes I wonder what she's thinking.