Friday, August 8, 2008

RaNdom Jackson thoughts.

The town.

Only a week left here. While I'm excited to leave, I will miss Jackson simply for its high density of amazing single track both from my house, town, and the very immediate area. I'll miss my nightly ride through Chucky's Loop. Hagen to Cache to Game to West Game to Wilson to Snow King Summit out Ferring's and then Sink or Swim back to the start. I won't miss the insane amount of traffic in town. But I will miss....

the biking.

And the flowers. My god the flowers were amazing this year.

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Anonymous said...

Josh, it's Peters (William) Matt's buddy. I crave downhill and am bringing my dual suspension stumpjumper elite, whatever, the bikes a bomber. We must go riding, I can probably keep up with you in that I'm a part-time Ninja.