Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Schlasman's Chair

What a fantastic chair. Cheers to Bridger for this fine gift. I've only had a few days on it, but I love being able to do more laps on the Ridge. Lots of steep fun terrain and lots to learn after getting cliffed out today. Here's a link to a short video on it......CLICK ME

Anyway, these are from 12/28.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Big Sky Weekend

Spent the weekend before last up at Big Sky with some friends. Got an "almost" slope side condo for 100 bucks each night. Not bad.

Blah blah blah, hot tubs, blah blah blah, shitty snow, blah blah blah, booze.....

Should have know better than to ride Explorer...ouch! Got to love rock boards.

Spent last weekend studying for finals, though I did get a couple runs in at Bridger. It was so cold I didn't mind missing most of it. T-Minus two day and I got allot of riding time coming my way. Just need to survive finals.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No Mo' Biking

Sad to see it go for a few months. But lets not drown our sorrows in beer.

Time to go play in the snow....

And drink in the snow.......ahhh.........what what?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bikes, Hotsprings, and Mountain Ranches

Decent weather last weekend, though not sunny.

We were invited to stay Saturday night with our friends on their families ranch. The Diamond J ranch is easily the most beautiful ranch I've been to and is just beyond (my) words.

We rode our bikes this weekend, did some hot tubing out at Norris and got to see our friends and their new baby. We also had the opportunity stay in a guest "cabin" that afforded Claire and I a stunning sunrise view from our bed Sunday morning.....whiiiiiiiiiich we have no pictures of because the camera battery died. Gotta use your imagination.

Good times...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Slim Pickin'

Kind of an ugly weekend around here.

We decided it would be a good idea to run up to the top of Sacajawea Saturday. Anyway, really cold with lots of snow. Not the best run ever.....

Sunday we drove over to Lewis and Clark Caverns for more biking. Still great riding around there while most everything is cover around Bozeman. Lots of bikers their this weekend.

We rode up both sides of a new trail "they" are building in the Cavern system. Looks like its going to be a sweet trail. I hope they make more.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lewis and Clark Caverns Weekend

Claire and I rented our favorite cabin(B-4) at Lewis and Clark Caverns Saturday night. Great location close to the trails. Got to love warm weather and biking in November. Plus we had the place to ourselves.

After biking we went to Norris to soak. I miss the old Norris. We then went back and made a fire and ate dinner under clear skies and no wind.

The weather was decent Sunday AM too.

Sedona Video

Sedona 2008 from Josh on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mountain Biking Helena and Lewis and Clark Caverns

Nice and easy last weekend. Got to show Bryan some of my favorite trails in Helena Saturday, went to the most amazing Halloween party that night, and then rode the caverns with Claire Sunday. Found a new trail there, but didn't check it out.

Couple more Sedona Pictures

A few more shots of Sedona. Truly wonderful biking.

I bet this was much more amazing twenty or even ten years ago!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Prescott, AZ

I think the aliens were getting to us in Sedona and we needed to blow town and take off the tin foil hats. So we headed to Prescott after we heard they had some decent riding. all I can say. We rode a few different areas here in Prescott. This place is a cool town with three colleges if you can believe that. Really good brewery too.

This is a cool house in the town of Jerome, AZ. Its an old town built into the cliffs and on the way to Prescott.

Claire railin' it on the 396 trail in Prescott. Its a new very flowy trail just competed by the IMBA and local bicycle advocacy groups. I thought it was fun but mello, Claire loved it.

We also found the new Dell Slickrock trail built in town. Some of the most technical riding I've done. Slow, but super technical.

More Sedona

Well we wanted some more Sedona and desert after the cooler riding around Flagstaff. We biked some really good trails a couple days ago. We rode quite a few, but Huckaby was my favorite. Here's some random shots.....

Smiling for the camera.

Super gnarly decent.

Yes I made it and yes that's a big drop off on the right side.

Claire smiling for the camera.

On our way to dinner that night.

Cool "old Sedona" feel....

I'll post up yesterdays Prescott trip later.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So we did a very cool drive up Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff. Half hour drive but a whole 'nother world.
We pulled into town and found a bike shop to get a map, some beta, and some more tubes. Really beautiful downtown. Fall was definitely in the air as it was quite a bit colder. I think the high was 60 for the day...brrrrrr.......

We ended up meeting a local in the parking lot and he gave us his favorite ride. It was fun riding through the fall colored aspens. The riding was very similar to Helena, MT I thought.

Anyway, we found a good brewpub that had a great menu. We had a beer sampler along with some sausage and sauerkraut with some boiled potatoes. Heaven I tell ya!

Back to the warmth of Sedona for us. Too cold in them hills. I'll post up today's ride later. Very nice ride I must say.

Sedona Arrival

We arrived!

We flew in Friday from Pheonix and drove up Sat. We shipped our bikes via and they were waiting for us at the bike shop in Sedona. FedEx delivered them perfectly. Delta wanted $700.00 or more if we go over weight to fly with them.

Sedona is home to Vortex's and Aliens....YES!!!!

Sedona is also home to some of the most beautiful terrain and best biking around. They have over 200 miles of single track. We've been riding here for three days, doing two rides a day covering 20-30 miles and we can't keep up.

We're leaving for Flagstaff tomorrow and Prescott later this week so keep tuned! Lots more Sedona too.